From Gang Member to Rapper: Discover Some Unknown Facts About Crip Mac

Love rap music? Well, this genre of music has been attracting an audience for ages. Besides the deep meaning of this music form, there are so many things that attract fans. In short, rappers put their hearts out with every song. That’s why exploring the life of some excellent rappers like Crip Mac can increase your interest.

There are so many people who have no idea regarding Crip Mac’s real name, age, and backstory. Well, it’s because there’s not much information about this talented rapper. After doing a little research, we found some interesting facts that can blow your mind. 

It’s a story about how Crip Mac started as a gang member and ended up writing some beautiful songs. It’s a story of inspiration, awareness, and reality. As you keep reading this article, you will get a glimpse of Mac’s early life and struggle stories. So, let’s get started.

About Crip Mac

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Crip Mac is known for writing some amazing rap songs. In fact, he also released it which helped him gain more and more fans. However, things weren’t smooth for Mac at all. As we noted before, Crip Mac is a well-known American rapper who is famous for some notable works like This 55th Street, Opp Goblin, and Big Amount.

As per his interviews, he has been passionate about music since childhood. He used to write songs during his teen years. In fact, he recorded some songs and posted them online. This is how he caught the attention of some record labels.

Once he moved to California, he started getting the limelight after appearing on other artists’ tracks. Besides recording some songs, he had also done some amazing work despite spending time in prison. As we noted before, he was part of some incidents due to being a gang member.

Crip Mac’s Real Name & Early Life 

By reading this article, you can understand that Chip Mac isn’t his real name. Trevor Hurd is popularly known as Crip Mac after joining a gang. Well, there’s a story too. Hurd was born on 20th February 1993 in Rancho, Cucamonga, CA. 

It’s a lesser-known suburban town 1.5 hours away from central Los Angeles. His father left him and his mother when Trevor was only two years old. Crystal Hurd, his mother, had to work multiple jobs after that. 

A few years later, she managed to buy a house in a suburb of Ontario where he spent most of his childhood days. However, Trevor had to move from one to another school. At first, he attended Newman Elementary School from first to third grade. 

However, he had to leave that school because of his behavioral issues as he used to bunk classes. After that, he was sent to a military boarding school which was around one year away from his house. However, he was expelled from that boarding school after 14 months. 

Later, they moved to Houston with her mother’s boyfriend Mr.Gray where his mom admitted him to a local school. A few years later, Crystal found out that her boyfriend was involved with another man. After the breakup, they moved to Katy, Texas with his grandmother. 

They decided to send Trevor to Alief Elsik High School under a family friend’s guidance. There, Trevor came to know about Houston’s Rollin 60s gang through that family friend. However, he said to them that he was a gang member of the Rolling 60s gang of LA and they accepted him. 

However, they found out that he was lying and Mac was badly beaten up by the gang members. In 2011, he attended Fontana High School after leaving Alief Elsik High School. After he moved to Houston, he started his own gang named 33 Chino Gator Crip in 2012. Later, he changed the gang’s name a few more times.

Crip Mac’s Career Achievements

He started his rapping career at the age of 20. To get more success, he moved to Los Angeles with his girlfriend. There, he wanted to join Acacia Compton but they didn’t accept him. Later, in 2013, he joined the Rolling 60’s gang of South Central Los Angeles. 

However, he was disciplined by that gang after one year and had to cut his ties with them. From there, he moved to Vegas with his mom and retired back to LA after one year. Later, he joined 55th Street at the age of 23. 

There, he was also disciplined by the gang members and the video was uploaded on social media platforms. The next year, he was arrested for stealing a bike and had to serve in prison for two years.

That was the time when he started writing some songs in prison. As he was released in 2020, he started making funny and dissing videos. It was 2021 when an interview video with No Jumper’s Adam 22 went viral and Crip Mac started getting popular.

His other song went viral in 2017 which was directed at Cardi B. After the viral interview, he was invited to Andrew Callaghans’ YouTube channel where his fan following increased. 

How Old is Crip Mac?

There is confusion regarding Crip Mac’s age as we have seen some questions on the internet. However, he once revealed the real date in an interview. As Trevor Hurd was born on 20th February 1993, he’s currently 30 years old. We have already shared everything related to his family. However, there’s no information regarding his father as he left his family when Trevor was only two years old.

What is The Net Worth of Crip Mac

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You see, Crip Mac has been living a complex life. At the age of 30, he experienced a lot of things. However, he always tried to do something different through his creation. That’s why most of his songs are inspiring and made for spreading awareness.

After learning about the basics of Crip Mac, it’s common to search for his net worth. As per some unofficial sources, the rapper’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. Most of his earnings come from single and album sales. Plus, he had done some collaborations as well.

We are not sure if he has other sources of income. However, he always values money since he had to face a lot of struggles in childhood. As Crip Mac started getting wealthy, he donated a large amount to the community. In fact, he fed the homeless people. In short, he has a soft heart for the residents of his neighborhood. 

Crip Mac’s Personal Life

When we are talking about a well-known individual’s backstory, their love life becomes a hot topic. Cris Mac isn’t an exception in this case. According to some sources, he is engaged to Lupe and they are getting married soon. However, the date hasn’t been revealed yet. 

Lupe and Trevor have been friends for several years. As per Crip Mac, he fell for her the very first moment. Last year, this lovely couple was spotted on a yacht together where Trevor asked her for marriage. If you want more details regarding their personal life, follow Crip Mac on social media. 

There were some rumors about Crip Mac being in relationships with some people before. However, he never confirmed anything except Lupe. So, we have to respect his privacy when it’s about personal life.


Now, you have a clear idea regarding Crip Mac. Even though he had a tough childhood, he is living his dream at this moment. There are so many things Mac can explore in life. If you loved his creations, stay connected. On the other hand, you can follow him on social media sites including Twitter and Instagram. For more details, do your research on the internet.


Q: How old is Crip Mac?

Crip Mac was born on 20th February 1993. So, his current age is 30 as of 2023. However, there’s not much information about his early life besides his changing schools randomly and joining gangs.

Q: What is the net worth of Crip Mac?

According to some online resources, Crip Mac’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. Most of his income comes from album and single sales. Moreover, he also earns from touring, brand collaborating, and other sources.

Q: Is Crip Mac dating someone?

Yes, Crip Mac is dating his long term girlfriend Lupe. In fact, they are currently planning to get married. They had been friends for years until Crip Mac fell for her.

Q: What are the notable works of Crip Mac?

Some of the best songs by Crip Mac are 55th Street, Stay With It, Western Wiggle, Everything Gonna ‘C Alright, and more. He also appeared in some YouTube channel interviews.

Q: Is Crip Mac still a gang member?

Last time, Crip Mac joined 55th Street. In fact, he also started a gang before. However, there’s no confirmed news if he’s still a part of some gang as the rapper is more focused on his career right now.

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